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Dr.Sherif-Mokhtar-critical-care-ecccp-egyptDear colleagues

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you the premiere issue of ECCCP Newsletter.

Newsletters serve numerous purposes, but primarily we are issuing ours to fulfill our objectives in ECCCP which are disseminating knowledge, motivating performance, promoting our specialty and improving practice towards better clinical outcomes.

While our conferences and courses achieve the goals of updating you with knowledge and empower your skills, we aim in this newsletter to keep you connected to the science and practice of critical care medicine through handpicked resources which we believe will make an impact.

I welcome your suggestions and wish you successful learning.

M.Sherif Mokhtar, MD, President ECCCP


Premiere Issue-October 2017


Presentation :

Surviving Sepsis Campaign- International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock 2016 [Read More]

Controversies in Critical Care Medicine

Key points in Critical Care Medicine: